Car Charger & Bluetooth Kit - Mobigo

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MOBI.GO GO-207FM car charger & Bluetooth hands free kit.

Simply tune in vehicles radio to the frequency displayed on the device. Connect your phone to the device via Bluetooth. Once complete you can play music from your phone, make and receive calls all through your vehicles sound system.

The Charger is capable of charging 2 devices at the same time. 

You can also insert a USB stick or MP3 player to play MP3’s through the system.

Answer calls with the touch of a button on the device or on the remote.

The Charger is suitable for all devices and can be used in cars, trucks and any other vehicle with either a 12v or 24v electrical system.

Comes with a remote.

Technical Specs:

Input: 12v-24v | Quality certification: CE, ROHS