Wireless Earphones - Lenovo QT81

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Lenovo QT81 wireless earphones (white) with amazing sound, great bass, a playback time of up to 3 hrs and an operating distance of up to 10m.

The earphones charging case doubles up as a power bank to charge your mobile phone or tablet. Simply plug in your USB charger cable into the charging case.

These earphones have touch control and a microphone for hands free phone calls.

These earphones can be used with any Bluetooth device such as a mobile phone, tablet, computer and TV.

Comes with a charging cable, charging tank/case, and an operation manual.

Technical specs:
Model QT81 | Standby time: 120 hrs | Earphones charging time: 1.5 hrs | Impedance: 32 ohms | Sensitivity: 103dB | 1,200 mAh